Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to use Mobile Security?

Of course not! Most of our features are completely free, including the Vault, Safe Browser, and Anti-Theft protection. Our Premium Security VPN and Cloud Backup features are not free, but we offer a 3-day free trial for all new customers. If you don't like it, simply cancel and you won't be charged.

How does the Premium Security VPN keep me protected?

Premium Security establishes a VPN connection, which allows us to protect you while you're using any app on your phone. Our VPN is able to identify unsafe websites and connections, and block them before they reach you. You'll even notice that you're no longer seeing annoying display or pop-up advertisements!

Does the VPN monitor or track my activity?

Absolutely not! Our VPN automatically protects you -- your activity will not be monitored, logged, or saved in any way.

How do I cancel the free trial or subscription?

You can manage your subscriptions in your iTunes settings. See here for more details:

Do you have a different question?

You may contact us anytime at We're here to help!